Dallas, Tokyo, Osaka, tomorrow Taiji

Happy to report I made it to Osaka. Now the big test, the trains! Yikes with all my luggage its going to be a nightmare! The food bag weighed in at 30lbs…my suitcase 52lbs but a little smile and sweet talking got it through without the extra charge, otherwise I was about to do a repacking right in the middle of the Corpus Christi Airport, which I am sure had been done before. Tokyo airport is a mess….so confusing, my goodness. Next time will pay extra just to fly into Kansai and avoid Tokyo all together. Haven’t had a chance to check out Osaka, fly in under the cover of night. Really looking forward to seeing it in the morning. Once I get all my laugage onto the train and transfer to another train then I will relax. Really looking forward to the train ride. Per Mikes suggestions got a reserved seat on the “water” side of the tracks! Should be in Taiji around 2pm tomorrow local time, (BTW I am 15 hours ahead, I think, of Dallas time). I want to thank all the well wishers, your words of encouragement have meant so much to me. Thank you! With that, I am going to say goodnight/morning/afternoon whatever time it is!

Port Aransas Jetty - My Favorite place to see wild dolphins

Port Aransas Jetty - My Favorite place to see wild dolphins


3 responses to “Dallas, Tokyo, Osaka, tomorrow Taiji

  1. Barbara Napoles

    You are almost there! My unconditional spiritual, moral support is with you. Stay Strong, Safe. You can do this!
    For the Dolphins, For the Whales, For the World.
    Save the Blood Dolphins!

  2. Thank you so much for going to Taiji to watch over the dolphins.
    Take Care from Jan xx

  3. Dear New Cove Guardian ! I don’t know where you are right now, but please find herewith my whole support. Keep the Faith, for Dolphins and Whales and for the whole World. My “courage” prayers are flying to you … God bless You !
    Hélène, from Le Bambou.

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