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Too emotionally tired from the days events to really think clearly now, but I will do my best. As I set in my room tears fill my eyes as I think back as to what transpired today. An emotional roller coaster ride it was. Today I was out at lookout point. We have two cars now so the cove guardians can be in more places getting more footage. We spotted the banger boats way out in the distance. They have a pod, no they don’t, yes they do, no they don’t…it being so far away just watching for the black smoke of the engines and through the bino’s gives you some sense of what is going on but really you don’t know until they start coming closer in. It was getting late for the dolphin hunters to be driving in a pod, but they kept circling, so when quietly knew there was something there keeping them there. Yes they had a pod of beautiful Risso dolphins. All the positive energy, prayers, and good thoughts I could muster up I did but alas it was not enough. After hours at lookout point we rushed to the cove, arriving just in time to see the banger boats drive the pod into the killing cove. Up the mountain we ran, yes ran, until I just had to stop and peel off some of my 4 layers of clothing. Once at the top of the mountain looking down into the tarp cover killing cove I just focused my energy on getting footage, if there was any to get. The dolphin hunters have done a very good job at keeping the slaughters under the tarps but they couldn’t muffle the sounds and cries we could hear from on top of the mountain. I believe they slaughter 10-15 Risso’s but don’t have an exact number.  One is too many.  Then word came over the radio that 3 Risso’s had escaped and were in the harbor swimming next to the trapped dolphins in the training area. When Libby radioed me with this news my heart just sank again. Confused and terrorized they were obviously trying to communicate with the other dolphins who have been trapped in those horrible pens for weeks if not months. So back down the hill we went over to the harbor, first to film the boats with the now dead dolphins in them, of course covered by tarps, and the transfer of the dolphins from the skiff boats to the slaughterhouse. Two of the three Risso dolphins somehow found their way out of that horrible harbor, but one lone Risso dolphin stayed behind, swimming in the same spot right near the dolphin training pens. The SSCS guardians decided to post a watch thinking surely the hunters would not kill this dolphin in plain sight right in front of us, so we were not going to leave that dolphin alone. Bob and I took the first watch. Within minutes the skiff boats came out from the slaughterhouse and started netting in this poor frightened dolphin. I quickly turned on the video camera thinking I was about to witness one of the most horrific things in my life. My hands trembled as I watched through the lens of my camera and my bino’s. Bob was way down the way filming as well and I was on my own, filming. They managed to capture this dolphin and to my amazement they didn’t put it into a pen, or take it to the killing cove, instead they headed out to sea with it. Once again we packed up everything in a rush and headed back up the hill to make sure that indeed they were going to release this one survivor of the pod. They did.
What can be said of these men who do this. And why did they go to so much effort to release this dolphin after spending a day driving in its family and slaughtering them. I just don’t know and probably never will. I do know that now there is a dolphin swimming in the waters outside of Taiji tonight mourning the loss of its whole family and there is nothing I can do for this dolphin other than share my experience and hope by some miracle that someday soon this can come to and end.

I have video but for some reason my camera is just as upset as I am and will only give me the still photo’s I shot today.  Probably for the best considering…..Today the cove ran red and I was there to see it.  This has to stop.


13 responses to “Emotions

  1. You are truly an amazing and inspirational woman. All good light and energy coming your way. Sheri, you are accomplishing so much moreright there than any of us could hooe to do on land (please dont let that mean the support should end people)

  2. If you cannot find a organization in you area…START ONE

    goog luck to you and your fellow saviors!!!

  3. Sheri, you are doing a good thing in Taiji. Just being witness to the horrors and I guess the unexplained “goodness?” (I use the term VERY lightly) like taking the dolphin back out to sea, is helping the world to understand what is going on. It is making other people want to step, take a stand and take actions to get this stopped. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  4. Wow very confusing actions from the killers indeed!
    I hope you can get some sleep despite the horrific murders that you had to witness today.
    Thank you for being in Taiji and sharing this with the world. You are a hero!

  5. Hope you get some rest. You and your camera are just as flustered as we all are back home. Keep the faith, the end of the killing season is fast approaching. Maybe those dolphins that got away knew those that were in the pens. I hope that the free dolphin in the harbor finds a new pod. Wishful thinking on my part. Stay strong my friend. I may join next years campaign. Certainly looking into it.
    For the Dolphins, For the Whales, For the World.

  6. I’m so glad that you are there for the dolphins but so sorry that you are having to go through what is happening. You’re so very right. It needs to stop. Thank you for having the courage to be there…it must be terrifying watching and filming everything.


  8. Hi Sheri – I am so saddened that you are witnessing the horror of Taiji. I understand all to well the emotions you are experiencing. Your stand for the dolphins is vital for change and both William and I support you fully. Keep writing and sharing – that is your gift for these precious creatures. You are brave and I know I am not alone is saying “thank you” for being there.

    Love, Carrie & William

  9. I finally have the $$$ to go there but so TERRIFIED to witness it that I am in limbo.. Sending you all of my strength! Wish I was there to give you ahug! 😦

  10. Thanks for all you are doing out there, I can only Imagine what it must be Like to see this in person, I hope everyone involved in this Mission in Japan and back home, get to one day soon look back in our lifetime, and see that when people do come together to fight we can make change, Stay save:)

  11. Thank you for sharing this, you are doing the right thing!!

    Joseph Palotas

  12. sylviane warnotte

    I wish I could help more, it’s so hard to read but so important to be inform. I can’t imagine how this can do to you. Your efforts will pay back, step by step it will come to an end, it will. You’re going to get more help, this can’t keep going like that and it won’t. THANK YOU FOR DOING SO MUCH !

  13. Blessings to you and all involved, my prayers are with you all….this is something I would love to do, yet I know It would be too emotionally scarring for me…people like you who are on the FRONT LINE are very strong and Brave…keep up the Life Saving Journey you are on…..and Thank You All

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