A Good Day

When I woke up this morning I was already trembling as to what my day would bring, thinking back of the slaughter I had just witness the day before. The sounds, the cries, their tales splashing, the banging from the boats was burned into my mind. I could only hope for a better day. Wow, was it ever!
Again I was out at lookout point with fellow guardian Bob. By 9:30am the banger boats were returning to the harbor, empty handed. Hooray! That in itself would have made for an awesome day, but things just kept getting better.
A lot of us on the ground have been keeping quiet about the presence of Ric O’barry, purely for security reasons. I had the honor of meeting him right before he departed Ki Katsuura. He is a wonderful gracious man who I admire so much and to be able to stand next to him, well lets just say, priceless. Especially meeting him here in Japan. It will be a moment I will never forget. Thank you Ric for opening my eyes to this atrocity, for inspiring me to do something about it, and finally for being so kind and wonderful.


4 responses to “A Good Day

  1. Thank you for being there. You, and everyone working to raise awareness and stop the slaughter, are close in the hearts & thoughts of so many. I am so happy you are writing about your experiences, as hard as it is to hear. Keep the faith.

  2. So good that there were no dolphins slaughtered today!
    Keep up the good work there!

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  4. Love to see you smile. Here one more for to smile about…your necklace went to Kristen Shepphard of Kerrville Folk Festival(musician), Pin to Ms. Nessie Beal of the Tin Can Project and will wear it for many gigs, Austin and the glassware went to local lady who just love it. We are not finalized yet, but is looking as if we raised about $5,000. Thanks for donating your wares and helping a great cause. Love you and stay safe and warm. Wear your hat! Love, Len

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