Bottlenose dolphins – Day 4

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Today the hunters were quick. We left the hotel at the regular time but by the time Bob and I had reached the lookout point the banger boats were already on there way in driving a pod of bottlenose dolphins. We had to move quickly.
Today I was at the mouth of the cove, trying to get footage of the bangers driving the pod in. The video is available on my facebook page. I will work on getting video on this page later but for now pictures will have to do.
Bob Timmons, Artist for the Ocean, decided today was his day to meditate in the cove while the slaughter took place. This brought the police and coast guard a running. Bob did nothing wrong or illegal. Remember this is a public park and folks swim in the area all the time in the summer, so I have been told, but there are two sets of rules, one for the locals and one for any westerner, Sea Shepherd or not, hence the signs, the only signs in seems, written in English.
Once again we were all asked for our passports and briefly questioned but that is to be expected.
The more time I am here the more determined I becoming. The days are long and very emotional but we have a job to do and I try and stay focused on filming rather than what I am feeling. That is until I return to the hotel and have to edit and relive the days horrors all over again. With that being said there is no place that I would rather be then right here right now, determined to make a difference.


2 responses to “Bottlenose dolphins – Day 4

  1. Be strong, you all are making a wonderful job!!!!
    I read your posts every morning and really I send you all my strenght and positive flow….
    BE STRONG AND BEAT THEM UP!!!! You are stronger mind and your motivation makes the difference!!!!!
    lots of love from MAllorca….

  2. You are making a difference! Thank you!

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