I have been on the ground in Taiji now for a week and have witness more death than I ever care to admit. Everyday is worse than the day before and it just continues day in and day out.
The mornings here are the worst. I wake up before the sun and my hands and heart tremble with the thought of what lies ahead. We head of early and watch and wait trying to entertain ourselves with happy thoughts until the sight of the banger boats appear. Then its too the camera’s and silence. Today, again, I watch in horror as 10 banger boats drove a pod of beautiful Risso dolphins straight into the killing cove. No it does no get easier. The adrenaline kicks in and I focus on the job at hand. Document, document, document, in hopes that a tarp my slip, a dolphin may escape, anything. The sounds are the worst. The cries, the banging and then the silence. I film these beautiful dolphins just to keep their memories alive in hopes that someday this will come to an end. If there is a hell then I hope these men who do this have to spend an eternity with the souls of the dolphins that they have killed, tortured and destroyed. Today, again, the cove ran red with blood. Please call the Japanese embassy, write a letter, get involved, do what you can to let the world know that this is still going on. Like Ric O’barry said in the movie “The Cove”, “if we can’t stop this then there really is no hope”


4 responses to “Mornings

  1. Don’t give up hope. Your love and compassion are powerful. It takes time for change to occur in masses of humanity. In the mean time, keep hoping the dolphins escape, that the boats are unsuccessful, something good happens for the dolphins. What you are doing is strong and good, it can make a difference. Always know that!
    Stay strong, and thank you again Sheri.

  2. My heart aches with yours and everyday I pray that you will be given the strength that you need to continue this journey.
    You have inspired me to become passionate for this cause and I am pleading with everyone I know, meet or can contact to get involved…all because of you.
    I couldn’t sleep last night and haven’t slept much since I’ve learned of this atrocity…and I am disturbed with the thoughts of what kind of person it takes to slaughter these majestic creatures.
    Please know you are always on my mind and I admire you for what you are doing.
    Hug to you,

  3. Have great respect for what you are doing out there!
    Keep up the good work and take care of your self!

  4. Sheri, We are fortunate to have you there as a voice for the dolphins. Thank you for sharing your journey. Doing all I can here in Michigan to get the word out. I wish you peace amidst the turmoil.

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