Jan 30 2011

It was a bitter cold morning as we headed out to the cove.  A few snow flakes fell around us as we watch and waited for the banger boats to appear on the horizon, and they did. They had a large pod of dolphins and the gutting barge headed out to the mouth of the harbor. Again, something different. From our vantage point we could see there was a lot of activity going on at the fisherman’s union, it looked like they were getting ready for a dolphin transport. And the banger boats continued to drive, but then in a second the boats all turned and the black smoke appeared. Most of the pod had escaped! Sadly though, we believe 2 possibly 3 pacific white sided dolphins were left behind. The skiff boats quickly dropped their nets and circled these beautiful dolphins. It wasn’t long before the divers were in the water trying to capture them and soon they were moved to the pens inside the harbor. Today no blood was spilled at the cove but sadly 2 or 3 dolphins have a life of isolation from their pods to look forward too.  At the fishermans union the loading continued.  These dolphins are off to some aquarium or swim with dolphin program, we may never know.  Only you can make a difference.  Please get involved.  Contact the embassy.  There is a link to the Japanese embassy on the right side of this blog.  And please do not visit a dolpinarium or sea park because then you too are contributed to the capture and slaughter of these wild mammals.  If you want to see dolphins, please go somewhere and see them in the wild.

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