Jan 31 2011

Yesterday, after witnessing the capture of two more Pacific White sided dolphins and the tranfer of a different set of 3 dolphins into a transport truck, fellow cove guardians Andy and Nicole decided to follow the truck to see where it was going. Osaka? Another dolpinarium? Little did they know they would still be following 24 hours later. We are receive bits of information, but cell phone communication is tough under the best of circumstances and after 24 hours I am sure they are conserving battery life and trying very hard to stay warm. It seems sometime in the middle of the night they hit a blizzard. The truck caring the 3 dolphins hit a guard rail and is now stuck in the snow. Nicole and Andy are ok and are stranded on the side of the road next to the truck. These three dolphins have been out of the water, in dolphin coffins now for nearly 24 hours, and no word on a rescue. Please get on the phones and call the dolphin base, the group responsible for brokering the deals from dolphins. It is Monday morning here and its time to let them have it.
Here is the information you need to contact Dolphin Base!

Hotel Dolphin Resort
703-15 Moriura,
Taiji-cho, Higashimuro-gun,

Wakayama Prefecture 649-5172, Japan
Tel: +81 0735 59 3514
Fax: +81 0735 59 2810
From the US dial 011 81 0735 59 5314
From Europe 00 81 735 59 3514

E-Mail: info@Dolphinbase.co.jp
Now is the time and you can make a difference! Please get involved. I will keep you all posted as news becomes available!

On another note, the remaining three cove guardians got up at our usual time and head out to the Cove. I am happy to report the banger boats are in harbor today. Private spaces is back and hanging around the fisherman’s union again.


One response to “Jan 31 2011

  1. I will make some noise. Saying prayers for everyone involved. It can’t end like this!

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