Another day, another slaughter

Wednesday night here and as we all retire to our rooms after another wonderful evening meal I set back and reflect on the roller coaster of emotions today has dealt me. Waking up was filled with excitement as we wait for CNN to vet Andy and Nicole’s story, yes progress is being made. Then I check the weather forecast for Taiji, it wasn’t good.  Calm winds were predicted and that was indeed the case.  Darn.  So again up to mountain pass we went and waited.  Once again, about an hour and a half later, the banger boats appeared on the horizon.  Dang I really hate those boats, but then again who doesn’t.  We watched and waited until we spotted the pod of dolphins.

This time we spotted a young calf among the group.  My heart just sank.  Tears filled my eyes as I watched the dance of death unfold right in front of me.  This poor pod of Risso dolphins, at least twenty, were so tormented by the constant banging, I could hardly stand it.  We jumped into the car and raced down to the cove.  Andy and Nicole went up to Glenda’s and I took up my position by the rocks.  I watched in horror as the banger boats and skiffs chased the dolphins into the killing cove, each net they laid down was one more nail in the coffin for this pod.

It was truly horrifying to me, to think of this poor young calf and its whole entire family being slaughtered.  Tonight I am not going to post the video of the dead dolphin’s being transported out of the killing cove, I just can’t bear to edit that video and out of some strange respect for this poor pod I won’t.

As if that were not enough heartache for one day, no.  On the way back to Katsuura we stopped by dolphin base.  I had not been there before and I was shocked at what I saw as I turned the corner.  Dolphin pens everywhere!  I had come to believe the dolphin pens in the harbor held all the captive dolphins but how wrong was I.  This just enraged me.  Dolphins, four maybe even as many as six to a pen and at least two dozen pens.  I was told they had just constructed more within the last few weeks.  How horrible.  This “swim with dolphin”, Seaworld industry is out of control.  Out of control!  These poor dolphins were swimming on top of each other they had no room.  Once the trainers spotted us they ran.    We were very polite and all said hello in Japanese but they scattered like we were the plague.

If you believe for a second that by going to Seaworld, aquariums or a swim with dolphin program is not contributing to the slaughter and the captivity industry then you a very mistaken.  I too once swam with the dolphins.  I went to a non profit thinking I was doing the right thing by supporting a not for profit program whose main benefit was to rescue dolphins.  How wrong was I.  It has been proven that dolphins can be released back into the wild and do survive.  It can’t happen overnight, but with the proper care and sensitivity training dolphins have thrived once they have been released back to where they belong.  Training dolphins to do tricks for humans and feeding them dead fish is no way for a dolphin (or a whale) to live.  I have learned that now.

Today, once again, the cove ran red with blood and again today I was there to witness it.  Please help put an end to this.


2 responses to “Another day, another slaughter

  1. Another pod of beautiful dolphins taken from the ocean!
    It makes me so sick and sad. For you guys witnessing all this must be so hard!
    Have deep respect for what you doing!
    Take care of yourself!

  2. Thanks for all your hard work. Stay strong!

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