Sunday Feb 6

Sea Glass at the CoveI know it has been days since I last posted anything, and that is a good thing.  The Banger boats went out twice and returned with nothing and yesterday they didn’t go out at all due to the fog.  Yes it gives us Guardians time to have a cup of coffee, or go for a walk at the cove and look for sea glass instead of watching a brutal slaughter, but our minds are always on the next day.  What will it bring?  Also we are constantly working on new ideas, new ways to get the word out, new anything, that and answering emails, messages and just plain blogging keep us very busy.  Hopefully today will be foggy again.  It is Sunday here and my time is quickly coming to an end.  I can not imagine having to say good bye, but I won’t go there yet.  Nearly three weeks here and I feel as though I am just getting started.  I know my work here has just begun and I am already making plans to return next fall, when the hunt resumes again.  I have witness three different types of dolphins being slaughtered, Risso, Bottlenose, and Pacific white sided, all were horrible.  I have seen dolphins captured for the trade industry, put into small pens, fed dead fish and forced to learn tricks.  All in a days work.  I have also witnessed Japanese people chiming in on the trade and slaughter.  Visiting the Cove, asking questions, getting involved.  This is what we want so much!  I feel my time here has been good.  I have helped make people aware of the atrocities and that is what my goal was.  Well it is time for me to pack my lunch and head out to the cove for another day, let hope its a good day.



One response to “Sunday Feb 6

  1. My heart is with you. Call me when you get home, get some rest and get settled. I can’t believe your time is so close but you have changed many lives while you were there.


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